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What is the differnce between save and save as?

"Save" means the file gets saved under its current name, in whatever folder it was saved before or the default folder for that program. "Save as" gives you the opportunity to (MORE)

Different between save and save as?

The difference between the "Save" and "Save as" buttons are as follows. To save a document for the first time you need to select "Save as," because it has not been saved befor (MORE)

What is Savings?

Savings is anything that you do to save money and time. You can save money in bank accounts and investments and you can save money everyday buy using coupons, turning off the (MORE)

What are savings?

A savings is a type of account designed to simply hold money that you do not need immediate access to. The saving accounts funds are easily accessible. You save for retirement (MORE)

What is the different for save and save as?

When saving document for the first time functions save and save as behave alike. If the document has been saved then: Save - you save the document as it is. Cannot change its (MORE)

How can you differentiate between save and save as?

Document X is your original/unedited document. Document Y is the edited version of X that you intend to save/save as. Save = save all changes made to the document X itself (MORE)

How can we save electricity save environment?

You can save electricity by not buying stuff that uses more electricity. For example, an old style TV uses a fraction of the power of wide screen plasma TV. So first, keep you (MORE)