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Who said savoir faire is everywhere?

Pepe LePew, in the animated short subject, "Merci, Marcel Marceau." While Pepe LePew may well have said this at one time or another, the cartoon character that is famous for s (MORE)

Is polling fair?

Polling may or may not be fair. It depends on the motives of those  taking the poll. Most professional polling companies have a good  reputation for fair polls. Most, not al (MORE)

In the cartoon called Klondike Kat there is a character named Savoir Fair he steals three things one is cheese one is bonbons what is the other thing?

    What Klondike Kat Steals     Dialogue from the show's intro:     * Man: Savoir Fare has stolen my dinner!   * Woman: He's stolen my bon-bons!  (MORE)

What is the English meaning of savoir faire?

It means: the capacity for appropriate action, or a polished  sureness in social behavior. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.   From the French "savoir faire" [savwah f (MORE)

How do you spell the fair in summer fair?

The US spelling is fair (festival, pageant) but some venues, mostly in the UK, use the pseudo-archaic form "summer fayre."
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Is capital punishment fair or not fair?

Answer 1 - YES  I think it is fair if it is always lawfully applied and  if we can virtually eliminate the possibility of misapplication.    Answer 2 - NO  I belie (MORE)

How can you get fair skin?

Well, for one thing, if you're rather dark skinned or ethnic, your  skin will probably never be exactly "fair." I have naturally fair  skin, but I know that covering up your (MORE)