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What is savory?

Savory is an herb. You can find it at the supermarket in the spice aisle.
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What is a synonym for 'savory'?

savory: ambrosial, appetizing, delectable, heavenly, luscious, scrumptious, tasteful, tasty, toothsome.. a couple synonyms for savory are:delectible, delicous, heavenly, and (MORE)
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Do you have a recipe for savory scones?

There are a mirage of savory scones, I have one that it easy and tastes great. This recipe is from my dinner and jam blog and is called Rosemary Corn Scones: This is a n (MORE)
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What is savory jelly?

Many foods fall into "sweet" or "savory" categories. Sweet is self-explanatory. Savory dishes tend to be seasoned with herbs, spices and salt, rather than sugar. A savory jell (MORE)
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What is in savory?

Savory is a cooking herb. Both varieties, winter and summer, have a strong flavor and many uses. Summer savory is an annual and must be planted every year. Winter savory is ha (MORE)
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Is chocolate savory?

In it's native form, pure chocolate powder or solid is bitter. Most chocolate that is sold as confectionery or for cake filling has been sweetend with sugar.
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What is a savory person?

Presumably, a person you like. But unsavoury is the more common word. In english, some 'un' words (or negative words) don't have a non-'un' version. 'Dis gruntled' does not ha (MORE)
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A savory recipe for mille feuille?

How about a sweet lentil and coconut Mille feuille? It may seem unappetising but is delicious. The sweet lentil paste goes brilliantly with the fresh cream, crisp filo pastry (MORE)
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Is a blueberry muffin sweet or savory?

Blueberry muffins are usually sweet, it depends on the muffin and your tastebuds. Blueberry muffins are supposed to be sweet.
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Is savory an adjective?

Yes it is. From the same root as the verb to savor , itmeans piquant or spicy, as opposed to sweet.