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How does the tufted saxifrage adapt?

the Tufted Saxifrage survives in the harsh tundra because it has adeveloped underground root system, natural antifreeze inside, plusit can create many seeds at a time, improvi (MORE)
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What are facts about the tufted saxifrage?

Tufted Saxifrage is a small plant that grows in thick mats on the Tundra. It has several straight flower stems that can grow to get 8 inches high. The flower has small fruit w (MORE)

Is the purple saxifrage in the arctic ocean?

The purple saxifrage (or Saxifraga Oppositifolia) is found in mountainous regions of the Arctic, but never in the Arctic Ocean. It prefers to grow in high altitudes, and disli (MORE)

What is a saxifrage plant?

A Saxifrage plant is any plant of approximately 300 species of theSaxifragaceae family. Saxifrage plants grow and thrive on exposedrocky crags and in rock fissures. They like (MORE)