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How many Sayyid are there in the world?

"Sayyid" can be seen in Jordan, Yemen, India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait and other Arabian Peninsula.. For Example: HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDAN, The present king of Jordan: (MORE)

When did sayyid ali khamenei come to power?

he is Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 4 June 1989 he is selected by a special group called "khobregan"which their task is to select leader of Iran or (MORE)
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How did Sayyid Ali Khamenei come to power?

blloodclaut He was elected by a "Khobregan" which is a special meeting of Ayatollahs. Ayatollah Ali Khamanei was one of the members of the Supreme Council of Ayatollahs bef (MORE)
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Is sayyid Ali khamenei married?

yes his wife is Khojaste Khamenei , ali khamenei has said : In all social plans, the family should be considered as the basis. The issue of being a mother or a wife as well (MORE)

What does Sayyid Ali Khamenei do to juveniles?

all youth who know ali khamenei says : he is only leader in the world love juveniles , khamenei once speak about american youth and said :Current juvenile delinquency in Ameri (MORE)

Who was sir sayyid ahmed khan?

his is the educational reformer for Muslims after the war of independece.sir syed ahmad khan introduced the two nation theory he also started ali garh movement whose main obje (MORE)
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What is Sayyid Zada Group?

SayyidZada (Hindi:सय्यिद ज़ादा, Urdu:سیّد زادہ) is a Islamic MsgGroup of Sikander Warsi. This g (MORE)