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What is a veal scallop?

I'm assuming its a small scallop that has been pounded down to a thin medallion. I'm currently attemtping a recipe that calls for "veal Scallops" yet im using veal that has be ( Full Answer )
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What is a scallop?

A scallop is a shellfish with 2 hinged shells valves.Scallops move around by opening and closing their valves rapidly.
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How are scallops born?

Most scallops are sexually mature by the age of 3 or 4 years old.During mating season, spermatozoa is released into the water whereit sinks to the bottom. After several weeks ( Full Answer )
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Who eats scallop?

A variety of animals (and people) eat scallops. Some of the mostcommon predators of the scallop are the octopus and the squid.Starfish also eat scallops.
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What is scallop allergy?

I have a scallop allergy, although oddly enough, I don't react to any shellfish except scallops. A few hours after I eat scallops I feel lightheaded, vomit, can't think clearl ( Full Answer )
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Do scallops have brains?

Many scientists argue that scallops do not have a brain becausethey do not resemble the brains of other animals. Other scientistsargue that scallops do have a brain because th ( Full Answer )
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What are scallops enemies?

The predators of scallops are crab, fish, sea stars, and lobsters.Humans also eat scallops. The sea scallop eats mainly phytoplanktonand zooplankton.
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Does a Scallop have a shell?

A scallop shell is often used to pour the water at baptism. The part that is a delicacy to eat is the adductor muscle, that is, the muscle that pulls the two shells closed.
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Who can be allergic to a scallop?

I am allergic to scallops. Anyone with a predisposition can be, or become, allergic to a scallop. They may have an allergy or a food intolerance/sensitivity . The symptoms ca ( Full Answer )
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Can scallops poison?

no it can not be POSINING it just makes your stomach hurt if your ugly.