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What does a scallop eat?

Answer   Scallops, like many bivalves, are filter feeders - meaning they filter small particles of food from the water. In captivity, they may feed on detritus (particula (MORE)

How do scallops reproduce?

The scallop family is unusual in that some members of the family are males and females, while other are both sexes in the same individual and a few are males when young then s (MORE)

What are seafood scallops?

Seafood scallops are very delicous imo you can find them in a clam shell the tiny squishy thing AROUND the shell is the scallop... however the big thing in the CENTER of the s (MORE)

Can you boil scallops?

  I've had poached scallops but I wouldn't boil them. If you over cook them they get very tough. Poaching means the water is hot but not quick simmering. Bring the water t (MORE)

What is scallop allergy?

  I have a scallop allergy, although oddly enough, I don't react to any shellfish except scallops. A few hours after I eat scallops I feel lightheaded, vomit, can't think (MORE)

Habitat of scallop?

Scallops are under water bivalves mollusks, that are generally  edible. Their habitats are dependent on their species, as many  different species live in many different wate (MORE)

Do scallops have brains?

Many scientists argue that scallops do not have a brain because  they do not resemble the brains of other animals. Other scientists  argue that scallops do have a brain beca (MORE)

How do scallops feed?

they open their mouths' and just wait until some krill or plankton, or other small sea creatures come by then they just clamp there mouths' shut and eat what ever is in there (MORE)

Does a Scallop have a shell?

A scallop shell is often used to pour the water at baptism. The part that is a delicacy to eat is the adductor muscle, that is, the muscle that pulls the two shells closed.

How do you a cook scallops?

Scallops are used in different types of cooking. here's an example of how to bake sea scallops. Ingredients :16 pieces sea scallops2 shallots (chopped)5 cloves garlic (minced) (MORE)