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What is scanning?

Scanning means a quick look over of an item. Many use machines thatscan codes at the check out which tells what the cost of a item is.
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What is a scan?

a scan is it is produces a series of many images and can detect many conditions,
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What israster scanning and 'random scanning?

Raster Scanning: Raster scan is based on television technology. In this the electron beam is swept across the screen, one row at a time i.e. top to bottom, which creates a pat ( Full Answer )
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What does the CAT scan scan for?

Computed tomography. It is a method where x-rays pictures are digitally enhanced by a computer to give a three dimensional picture of the object under test.
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What is malice scanning?

Malice refers to a desire to harm others or to see others suffer extreme ill will or spite. It is basically the international commission of wrongful act, absent justification, ( Full Answer )
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How do you scan on a mac?

The Image Capture application in the Applications folder works with the majority of scanners if there is no specific software supplied with the scanner. Otherwise any TWAIN (s ( Full Answer )
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Why scan for viruses?

viruses can may pop up to your computer and then your own computer will just black out why not scan?
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What does a CAT scan scan for?

You can look for many different things. It will show fluid collection in the belly, collapsed lungs, broken bones, internal bleeding, bleeding in the brain, tumors, blood clot ( Full Answer )
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What does a malware scan scan for?

A malware scan will scan your computer for any type of virus or trojan that my be infecting your computer. Viruses and trojans may be in your computer to compromise your secu ( Full Answer )
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What kind of scanning is microfiche scanning?

Microfiche Scanning is scanning that magnifies the file before saving it. It can magnify a file twenty four times the size a paper scanner can and therefore gives you much mor ( Full Answer )