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What is a Scandinavian rug?

  Its called "rya". Its a handwoven rug.   The name originates from a village in Sweden and it can also refer to a particular breed of sheep whose wool is used to make (MORE)

What Scandinavian country is smorgasbord from?

Smørgåsbord origins from Sweden and goes back to 17th Century.  "Smør" means "butter"; "gås" means "goos"; "bord" means "table."  All together it means a buffet-style ta (MORE)

What do Scandinavian people look like?

Not all Scandinavians look the same and not all Scandinavians fit the description below. However, this description is generally seen as the average/majority of Scandinavians: (MORE)
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What Scandinavian country has the biggest navy?

Norway has the biggest navy in Scandinavia, with about 4000 personnel (9,450 if mobilized and 32,000 if fully mobilized). And 80 vessels without the Coast Guard.

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What do Scandinavians speak?

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and/or Finnish, for starters. Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are virtually the same. Its like the us Southern accent versus the Queen's English. T (MORE)
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Scandinavian drinking toast?

  A skål is a Scandinavian toast of friendship and goodwill which may be offered when drinking, sitting down to eat, or at a formal event.
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Name the Scandinavian countries?

The Scandinavian countries are:   Finland  Sweden  Norway  Denmark  Iceland  Faroe Islands  Greenland   Greenland and Faroe Islands is actually a part of Denmark b (MORE)

What is the Scandinavian word for death?

There is no specific Scandinavian word but the swedish translation is: "Död" and the norwegian and danish translations are probably quite similar.
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