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What is scandium?

a transition metal, element 21, it is naturally elementally purescandium-45, with an atomic mass of 44.97
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Is scandium combustible?

The transition metal scandium is not considered combustible in normal conditions, but is mentioned as flammable in safety phrases tables.
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Who created scandium?

Scandium (atomic number 21) is a naturally occurring element, created, therefore, by the Creator of All Things. It is an ongoing process in the nuclear fusion engines at the h (MORE)

What is a slogans for scandium?

Very frequently question, for all the elements; the chemical elements has not slogans ! if u are in a blackout and think you are done all u have to do is get some scandium
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Is scandium posionous?

Elemental scandium is not considered to be toxic. Little animal testing of scandium compounds has been done. [29] The median lethal dose (LD 50 ) levels for scandium(III) chl (MORE)

What does scandium have in it?

As all other chemical elements scandium atom has a nucleus(containing protons and neutrons) and a cloud of electrons.
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Why did they name Scandium Scandium?

It is named after Scandinavia, a region in northern Europe where itwas historically mined. It was identified as an element in 1879when Lars Nilson isolated scandium oxide from (MORE)

Is scandium expensive?

Not to put too fine a point on it, yes. The most recent price for scandium I could find was about 15,000 USD per kilogram. To put it in perspective, gold is currently in the v (MORE)