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Which want better scania or Volvo truck?

I am a driver for Eddie Stobart and drive a Scania R470 Topline 6X2. I can tell you that Scania's are the kings of the roads and are a very familiar sight along the motorways. ( Full Answer )
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What size engine is fitted in a scania?

My Neighbour owns a truck business and has a Scania R580 it has a 16 litre engine does 8 miles to the gallon and kicks out 580bhp(horsepower)!
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How do you increase the speed limiter to a scania 164?

If it's your truck to do this with, and you're in a country where the law does not dictate what speed vehicles of that class must be governed at, you go to a certified Scania ( Full Answer )
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What is the maximum weight for a Scania R470?

That depends on the configuration. European countries allow 44 tonnes for 2x4 and 2x6 tractors towing a three axle trailer, and there are several other available combinations ( Full Answer )
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What is the BHP on a Scania R470 and a Volvo FH?

The "470" in "R470" refers to the horsepower rating of the motor. The Volvo FH is available with a number of powerplants, up to and including the 640 horsepower Volvo motor. Y ( Full Answer )
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What truck is better man or scania?

well, scania build the strongest trucks but MAN have released a truck with a V8 engine
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What country is scania made in?

Scania is a Swedish Company, they build trucks in Sweden, Holland, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Poland and France, all the factories around the world are listed on the related l ( Full Answer )
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How do you increase the speed on A R470 Scania?

Reprogram the ECM. Speed governing controls are set there. Ifyou're in an area where speed governor restrictions are a matter oflaw, then you're kinda stuck where you're at, s ( Full Answer )