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Is there a casino in Scarborough?

  There are two casinos in Scarborough. The first is the Opera House Casino. It's located at: 56-64 St Thomas Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1DU and it's open (MORE)

Who is Lady Edith of Scarborough Yorkshire?

Throxenby Hall was built by Lord Londesborough in the mid-19th cent. He married Lady Edith Frances Wilhelmena Somerset so I'm assuming that Lady Edith's Drive etc. were named (MORE)
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What are the reactions of people about the Scarborough shoal?

 A Reaction  paper of Scarborough Shoal       Had China and the Philippines based their on-going dispute on  security and threat, economic dimension, political (MORE)

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The notes to scarborough fair on the recorder?

(low) e, e, b, b, f (sharp), g, f#, e (low) b, d (high) e (high), d (high), b, c, a, b e (high), e (high), e (high), d, b, b, a, g, f#, d (low) e (low), b, a, g, f#, e (low), (MORE)

What is a scarborough warning?

It refers to an incident in 1557 when men encountered on the approach to Scarborough Castle, to perform a surprise attack, were hanged without trial on suspicion of robbery
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How many boroughs are there in England?

As of 2009, there are 326 boroughs and districts in England. As of  2013, 32 of the boroughs are located in London.
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What are the London Boroughs?

The 33 divisions of the London Urban Area - City of London (officially not a borough), City of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Wandsworth, Lambeth (MORE)
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Who owns Scarborough Castle today?

It is currently owned by English Heritage, the Government-funded body that preserves and maintains ancient and historic monuments across England.
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