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How is labor scarce?

Labor is scare is a situation where an economy lacks people withthe proper qualifications to fill in the market place. This is oneof the main scarcity problems in the economy. (MORE)
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Is bauxite scarce?

No. Bauxite is plentiful. It is the ore from which aluminum is extracted. Aluminum is one of the least expensive metals as it is so plentiful. Although bauxite is plentiful wo (MORE)

Is a pencil scarce?

No, but there are several factors that may make it so over the next decade. 1. Graphite which is mixed with clay and fired to make the pencil lead is in great demand for li (MORE)

Why is what you want scarce?

Could it be that you are not looking in the correct places for the thing you desire? Without faith and creativity you wont be able to make the changes necessary to achieve wha (MORE)

Why is petrol scarce?

The oil companies produce as little as possible, per government minimum laws, in order to keep the price high as possible. more.. There is more crude oil in the US than th (MORE)