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Was scarlett johanson in love actually?

No, Scarlett Johansson is not listed in the credits for the movie Love, Actually. That movie was released in 2003. During that time, Johansson is credited with performances in (MORE)

Did scarlett johansson play in the TV Series full house?

No, unless you are referring to another character. Jodie Sweetin, who looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson, plays the role of Stephanie Tanner.
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What vegetable did Scarlett o'Hara dig?

  Answer   Scarlett O'Hara digs radishes from the garden of the Tara plantation.
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Where did scarlett marry rhett?

Margaret Mitchell who authored the best selling novel, 'Gone with the Wind' and created the characters Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara, based many of the characters, settings (MORE)

When did Scarlett O'Hara die?

Scarlett O'Hara (the character) never dies in Gone with the Wind. But, the actress playing the role, Vivien Leigh, passed away on July 7th, 1967 in Belgravia, London, Englan (MORE)

Is Scarlett Johansson a christian?

No, she is Jewish. However she has expressed, in an interview, that she finds it very annoying when people thank god or Jesus. A quote from the interview: "Some people ca (MORE)

Who is scarlett Grant?

Scarlett Grant is best friends With Katie Vallance. She has brown hair and wore a bee outfit to the last chapple. She goes to the Stonehenge school and is in year 9. She loves (MORE)

What is the net worth of scarlett johansson?

  Her worth was estimated around 100 millions $ mid 2008.   (films, )   In the last half a year or so,   the true value in $ shrunk to at least 50 %   and some (MORE)