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What is a scart cable for?

A scart cable is a multi-pin video and audio connector common in Europe. The cable can carry audio, composite video, S-video, RGB and component video as well as a limited amou ( Full Answer )
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What does a Scart Cable do?

A scart cable is a European interface. It uses rectangular connectors with 21 pins and has been the standard video interface between players and monitors for many years.. It ( Full Answer )
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Are RF leads inferior to Scart leads?

\nThe short answer is yes, RF leads are inferior to scart leads. There are several reasons. \n. \nA scart lead is used in Europe as a combined video, audio and control conn ( Full Answer )
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Do you get visual through a scart lead?

A scart connector is a European standard for video, audio and control communication between domestic television equipment. It is used only for standard definition video but su ( Full Answer )
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What does the term scart lead mean?

This term is affiliated with C-Video and Audio connections. Scart leads are usually bought from stores that specialize in electronics. You can also find them in many video sto ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy Scart leads?

SCART leads are widely available at both retail locations and online stores. Radio Shack, Best Buy, Office Depot, Amazon, and eBay all sell this item.
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How will an adapter make VGA to Scart easier?

One needs an adapter for VGA to Scart in order to be able to watch things on their computer through their TV. Being able to watch programs that you normally watch on your com ( Full Answer )
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Where could one get a scart connector?

Shops that sell housewares or electrical equipment usually sell scart connectors.Some supermarkets sell scart connectors as well.Scart connectors can be bought online in websi ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy a scart adapter?

One can buy a Scart adapter from the local store and online stores such as the following; multi scart adapter on amazon, Tesco scart adapter with switcher on Tesco, and delupe ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a SCART to VGA cable?

A SCART to VGA cable can be purchased in the United Kingdom at most electronics stores. Or one could check out the UK version of Amazon, which should have them on sale.