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How do you be scene?

Okay, well people say the most rediculous stuff for being scene. Don't listen to them. Scene is not a personality like people say. Just like people say emo is being emotional (MORE)

How can you be scene?

Scene is a style. You don't have to have a certain personality... but actually you can wear whatever you want. But a big must is the scene hair. Get your hair in choppy layers (MORE)

What is my scene?

MyScene? As in the doll? If that's what you're talking about MyScene is a doll that can be bought at any regular toy store.
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What is 'scene'?

Scene is a type of style, a fashion statement. I happen to dress scene occasionally, it can be a hairstyle as well. Dark colors coordinated with bright colors, whatever ma (MORE)
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What is Scotch Scenes about?

The defense  mechanisms  are always in operation to some degree. operate unconsciously.  serve to distort reality. all of these
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Are you scene?

 You can't categorize a person by their looks.  If a person says they're "Scene" they're just posers.  Learn to correctly describe that person ,say that they're extra  cr (MORE)

How can you be a scene?

Well honestly... you shouldn't be a Scene. But if you insist all you have to do is layer your hair (Google Image 'Scene Girls'), wear dark skinny jeans, listen to BrokenCyde a (MORE)