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What is a scene kid?

Scene is a creative new fashion statement, simply because it's anti-fashion! Usually consists of 1 or more colors in the hair, band t-shirts worn habitually, and loud music co (MORE)

What is a recognition scene?

A recognition scene (cognitio) is that moment, typically at the end of a comedy, in which long-lost characters are reunited. In many cases, especially those in Shakespeare's p (MORE)

How do you know if you are scene?

Scene kids normally are very uniqe and out there. everyone stereotypes them as emo wich is extremely wrong. scene kids normally wear skinnies cute t- shirts converse/ vans/ ba (MORE)

What is a scene person?

Scene People Are People Who Dress Differently Than Most People.Scene People Are Sometimes Called "Emo".Scene People Wear Colorful Clothing And The Get Very Different Hair Styl (MORE)
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What are scene accessories?

Ahh. Scene accessories, hey?  Well, there are a massive range to choose from. Big, chunky and bright is one option - but now people are also going for the cute, adorable look (MORE)
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Are you scene?

 You can't categorize a person by their looks.  If a person says they're "Scene" they're just posers.  Learn to correctly describe that person ,say that they're extra  cr (MORE)
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What is a pivotal scene?

a moment in which changes something that plays a big outcome in the  end.    Like that moment near the middle or end of Act 2 in any film/play  where plots are twiste (MORE)

What is POV scene?

It's when you are seeing through the eyes of a character. Ex: In a football movie you are put inside the helmet and you are seeing what the character is seeing.