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How do you know if you are scene?

Scene kids normally are very uniqe and out there. everyone stereotypes them as emo wich is extremely wrong. scene kids normally wear skinnies cute t- shirts converse/ vans/ ba (MORE)

What is a Landsat scene?

A Landsat scene is a digital image of the earth as seen by one or another of the radiometers in the Landsat satellite in orbit.   Each radiometer is sensitive to a differe (MORE)
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Who is Charlie Scene?

Charlie Scene is a person with a bandana, sunglasses, and a hat and he is in Hollywood undead.
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What does 'scene' mean?

'Scene people' wear both preppy and skater clothes, they like to make their hair big or wavy. They wear tight pants. They are into childrens shirts (dinosour shirts, spiderman (MORE)
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What are scene accessories?

Ahh. Scene accessories, hey?  Well, there are a massive range to choose from. Big, chunky and bright is one option - but now people are also going for the cute, adorable look (MORE)
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Where did scene originate?

scene originated from different Japanese street fashions like harajuku, visual kei, oshare, gothic lolita or decora. things like that theyre all different styles from japan. b (MORE)
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Are you scene?

 You can't categorize a person by their looks.  If a person says they're "Scene" they're just posers.  Learn to correctly describe that person ,say that they're extra  cr (MORE)

What is POV scene?

It's when you are seeing through the eyes of a character. Ex: In a football movie you are put inside the helmet and you are seeing what the character is seeing.