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Is temazepam a schedule 2?

In the UK, as per the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, Temazepam is regarded as a Class C drug and is on Schedule 3.
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Do schedule 2 drugs have to be filled by pharmacy in 7 days?

  ScheduleII drugs in most states/regions dont have to be filled within 7 days... i believe its 30 days thirty- days from the date of the perscription(narcotics) the 7 day (MORE)

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Schedules of Reinforcement

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What is online scheduling and offline scheduling?

  Online scheduling is the useage of competitive analysis (or online algorithms) on scheduling problems. Online algorithms is characterized by making decision "online", wh (MORE)

What are the scheduling criteria for CPU scheduling?

CPU Scheduling Criteria: There are many scheduling algorithms and various criteria to judge their performance. Different algorithms may favor different types of processes. Som (MORE)

What is a typical schedule for a 2 mile run?

  in the military the 2 mile run has its higher points when ran in 13 minutes. as times passes by points are being taken away until someone does not pass that physical tes (MORE)