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What are the advantages of ploughing?

it helps in loosening the soil which helps the roots to penetrate down the ground it helps the roots to breathe it allows to regenerate an enlarged number of microbes and eart (MORE)

What are the uses of a plough?

A plow is primarily used to break the soil and turn it upside down. After that a set of discs would be run over it to break it up even finer thus making it possible to plant t (MORE)

What is plough?

While farming, it is essential to turn over the earth to ensure  there are no obstacles and to aerate the soil. A plough or plow is  used as the initial tool to begin this p (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a disc plough over a mouldboard plough?

Disc plough has discs which in turn offer rolling friction instead of sliding friction. As a result effort is less, fuel economy is there and moreover discs are also heavy w (MORE)

What are the uses of plough?

A plow is used to turn over stubble or a pasture to expose the soil underneath. This allows for further tilling like discing, harrowing and cultivating, to prepare the soil fo (MORE)

What is the 'plough' exercise?

It is important to stay active and exercise. The Plough pose is  where a person moves from laying on their back, and ending with  their legs and feet above their head on the (MORE)

How does a plough work?

A plough is an implement for creating furrows in a field. The simplest ploughs are no more than sticks pulled through the earth which create a shallow furrow and push the eart (MORE)