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Can schisandra cause side effects?

Schisandra is safe for long-term use; it has relatively few side effects. It has, however, been reported to cause upset stomach, heartburn , decreased appetite, and skin rash. ( Full Answer )
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What does schisandra do?

Schisandra fruit contains at least 30 different lignans. Lignans, which are sometimes described as phytoestrogens (plant-derived compounds with estrogen-like activity), are kn ( Full Answer )
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What research has been done on schisandra?

Research has shown that schisandra has adaptogenic properties, which means that it helps the body to fight disease and adapt to stresses from physical, mental, chemical, and e ( Full Answer )
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What is schisandra?

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis ) is an aromatic woody vine that is native to northern and northeastern China.
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How is schisandra taken?

Schisandra's dried fruit is used, and the herb is prepared in the form of powder, tincture (an alcoholic extract), and wine.
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What is schisandra used for?

Historically, it was used to treat mental illness, night sweats, coughs, thirst, insomnia , chronic dysentery (diarrhea containing blood and mucus), premature ejaculation, and ( Full Answer )
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Who should not take schisandra?

Schisandra should not be used during pregnancy or in patients who are having trouble urinating.