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What is schist made of?

When a volcano erupts the magma (lava) runs down into the holes and hardens making schist. AKA: schist is made of magma. (lava)
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How does schist form?

Schist is a metamorphic rock, usually from a sedimentary protolith rock, like shale. The metamorphosis occurs as the shales are put under incredible pressures and heat from pl (MORE)
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What is the color of schist?

The color of schist depends on its mineral composition. It can begray, yellow, light or dark green, brown, or even black.
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How hard is schist?

Schist is a metamorphic rock, and varies from fairly soft right up to very hard, depending on how much it has been metamorphosed.
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What is schists?

Schists are a group of minerals that are characterized by having plate-like crystal structures that slide easily over one another. Common examples are Mica and Graphite.

Why is schist used?

schist is a very attractive stone and is very nice to have. people use schist for things from jewelry to building to landscapes!
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What does schist begin as?

As you increase the temperature and pressure of Shale it metamorphism occurs. It changes in this order: Shale > Slate > Phyllite > Schist > Gneiss > Migmatite
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What weathers schist?

Water and wind are the primary weathering forces. There can also be some erosion by rock-to-rock contact, knocking pieces of the schist apart (can't remember the name for this (MORE)
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How do you break schist?

Schist is a type of rock. You can break it with a hammer. Schist is a one syllable word which doesn't get split up.