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Why are wasp stings painful?

Wasp stings are painful because the wasp's stinger causes an inflammatory reaction in the skin. Additionally, there's a psychocological component that induces a sort of mild (MORE)

What is the pain of a porcupine sting?

  Porcupines do not sting. They have quills which are hooked on the end, so when they thrash their tail at you they hook into your skin.Which is extremely painful if not t (MORE)

How do you stop the pain from a hornet sting?

You can put meat tenderizer on it, which neutralizes the venom in insect stings. Use the kind of meat tenderizer that contains papaya extract, an enzyme that breaks down prote (MORE)

How painful is a wasp sting?

i was in the park with my freind and one stung my freind so i went to avenge him............ also known as charging at the wasps nest lobbing sand every half a millisecond wil (MORE)

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What can you do to stop the pain from a wasp sting?

Not a lot. If you're allergic, you need to go to an emergency room  or call poison control. If not, you should carefully remove the  stinger (be careful not to squeeze the v (MORE)