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What is a schmuck?

It's a Yiddish (Jewish slang) expression meaning a stupid person. In the past, (Yiddish, Germany) it was an explevtive meaning,Butt-Hole, just as, Putz, meant Penis. With tod (MORE)
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When did Catherina Schmuck die?

Dont know if this is the correct Catherina Schmuck, as the one i know about has nothing to do with aviation. Catherina Schmuck was the mother of mathematician and philosopher (MORE)
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Is schmuck a Jewish name?

Schmuck is indeed Yiddish, but it's a word rather than a name (albeit a word often applied to people) which comes from the European Jewish language known as Yiddish. It's defi (MORE)

Is schmuck a bad word?

Yes, the word schmuck is Yiddish for penis or for the piece of foreskin that is removed from a penis after circumcision, so it is an extremely rude thing to call someone. == (MORE)

What is dinner for schmucks about?

Dinner for Schmucks is about a really stupid guy and his friend he meets somewhere who invites him to dinner. I'm not really sure all the details but i remember seeing the com (MORE)

What book is dinner for schmucks based on?

The movie "Dinner for Schucks is based on the book "Doctor Fisher of Geneva - or - The Bomb Party. In that book a wealthy Swiss millionaire invites his "toads" to fabulous din (MORE)

What does schmuck mean in German?

Depending on context, the German word Schmuck translates as: Noun: jewellery Adjective: neat trim spick-and-span decorative dapper The American sl (MORE)