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What is a schmuck?

It's a Yiddish (Jewish slang) expression meaning a stupid person.    In the past, (Yiddish, Germany) it was an explevtive meaning,  Butt-Hole,   just as, Putz, mea (MORE)

When did Catherina Schmuck die?

  Dont know if this is the correct Catherina Schmuck, as the one i know about has nothing to do with aviation. Catherina Schmuck was the mother of mathematician and philos (MORE)
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Is schmuck a Jewish name?

Schmuck is indeed Yiddish, but it's a word rather than a name (albeit a word often applied to people) which comes from the European Jewish language known as Yiddish. It's defi (MORE)

Is schmuck a bad word?

Yes, the word schmuck is Yiddish for penis or for the piece of foreskin that is removed from a penis after circumcision, so it is an extremely rude thing to call someone. == T (MORE)

What book is dinner for schmucks based on?

The movie "Dinner for Schucks is based on the book "Doctor Fisher of Geneva - or - The Bomb Party. In that book a wealthy Swiss millionaire invites his "toads" to fabulous din (MORE)

What does schmuck mean in German?

Depending on context, the German word Schmuck translates as: Noun: jewellery Adjective: neat trim spick-and-span decorative dapper The American slang word schm (MORE)

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How old is Marcus Schmuck?

Marcus Schmuck was born on April 18, 1925 and died on August 21, 2005. Marcus Schmuck would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 90 years old today.
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