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What is scholasticism?

Scholasticism is a method of critical thought which dominated teaching by the academics ( scholastics, or schoolmen ) of medieval universities in Europe from about 1100-150 ( Full Answer )
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How has scholasticism impacted your society?

I think I would say we now look to academics for answers, rather than ourselves or religious authority and it ended up dividing people by arguing different viewpoints, without ( Full Answer )
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How was humanism different from medieval scholasticism?

Scholasticism dealt with recent tradition. However, humanism did not focus all their attention on summarizing and comparing the views of recognized authorities on a text or qu ( Full Answer )
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How do you define Scholasticism?

If you type Scholasticism in the green ask box above, you will get more than you ever wanted to know. The confusion is mostly in that it started out roughly as more emphasis o ( Full Answer )
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What was the purpose of scholasticism?

It can be looked at in different ways, depending on your purpose in knowing, viewpoint and who you accept as an authority. The early philosophers and theologians saw a broader ( Full Answer )
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Scholasticism was a system of religious philosophy?

No, Medieval Scholasticism is a philosophical-theological tradition that is represented by great philosophers such as Augustine, Aquinas, Dun Scottus, Anselm, and William ( Full Answer )
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What is the cotribution of neo-scholasticism to philosophy?

Neo-Scholasticism is simply an attempt to revitalize the scholasticphilosophy of the middle ages. The short answer would be to saythat neo-scholasticism contributes to current ( Full Answer )