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What color is the school uniform of Harvard university?

Bergundy with little blotches of gold mixed on in there you know homedawg  Wrong. The official color is called "crimson." It appears like a burgundy-red wine color.  In r (MORE)

What is strayer university school colors?

  First of all, its "What are Strayer University's school colors?"   The answer is garnet and tan
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What are the Ohio State University school colors?

Answer   Ohio State's intercollegiate sports teams are called the "Buckeyes" (after the state tree, the Buckeye), and participate in the NCAA's Division I-A in all sports (MORE)

Where did Ole Miss get its school colors?

The University of Mississippi sports teams were renamed the Rebels  in 1936, but are affectionately known as "Ole Miss". The school's  colorswere adopted in 1893 and are Car (MORE)