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How many school districts are in Georgia?

There are 159 counties in Georgia, each having their own Public County School District. There are also 20 Public City School Districts. Georgia overall has 179 Public School (MORE)

How many school districts in Oklahoma?

At last count there were about 540 school districts in Oklahoma. There may be a few less now. Some of the small ones join with a larger district.
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How can you get your school district audited?

The school board must agree before a management audit can be  carried out. Many districts can benefit from receiving an  assessment of the measures and standards of academic (MORE)

Can a school district be considered a Municipality?

A school district would not be considered a municipality, but could  reside within a municipality or offer education services to the  children within a municipality. Most mu (MORE)

How many school districts in Tennessee?

There are 141 school districts in  Tennessee which serve approximately 1,000,000 students. The largest  school districts in Tennessee are Shelby County Schools, Davidson  C (MORE)