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What is a cruel stag night prank?

When the groom is so drunk he passes out, put his leg in plaster right up to his hip. When he comes round, tell the stag he was dancing on the table and fell off and broke his (MORE)

What pranks can you play on people on Twitter?

You can tweet them saying that that they need to come and meet you  somewhere for a party, and when they arrive have the door open so  that they will venture in. When they c (MORE)

Can you go to jail for a prank call?

Technically, you could be charged with criminal use of a communication device, but it would really depend on what you said or did during the call. Generally, the police don't (MORE)

Last prank george did on Lennie?

George told Lennie to jump into a river. Since Lennie always obeys George, he jumped in. However, he could not swim so he nearly drowned. After this incident, George never pra (MORE)

What are the laws about prank calls in Canada?

Actually, unless the person being phoned is threatened or harmed verbally, you cannot get charged for prank calling somebody in Canada. It states that if somebody is harassed (MORE)

How can you pull a prank on your dad that is asleep?

easy! Use the classic "shaving(or whipped)cream on the face prank!" you can either put it on his hand and tickle his nose (best with shaving cream) or make a design on his fac (MORE)

Is prank dial legal?

yes, is completely illegal. It violates tons of rules with business.
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Good school pranks?

one i have done before is, take a bunch of duct tape, and just tape all of the lockers together. or take some soap (or something that you can write on cars with), go to all th (MORE)