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How did Robert Schumann die?

No, it wasn't schizophrenia depression.  He died from syphilis and pneumonia. Back then, people who contracted syphilis were placed in asylums because they were considered cr (MORE)

What is the English translation of widmung by schumann?

  Something like this: You my soul, you my heart, You my bliss, o you my pain, You the world in which I live; You my heaven, in which I float, O you my grave, in (MORE)

What is a resonator?

In acousitcs, a device used to increase resonance(like echo effects) of a soud and usually apparent volume there are both acoustic(on some guitars such as the Resophonic) and (MORE)

What is the English translation of Sehnsucht by Schumann?

  Hi-Sehnsucht was the driving notion behind much German romantic art, literature and music. There is no adequate translation, but people use "longing for the unattainabl (MORE)

What was Schumann famous for?

He was famous for composing German classical music of the Romantic era. His most successful works have been his songs for voice and piano, the A minor piano concerto, two pian (MORE)

How did Schumann die?

He died in an insane asylum. The exact cause is not known. Based on the symptoms, speculation has included tertiary syphilis and brain cancer such as a meningioma, both of whi (MORE)