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Mr Science and Mr Democracy in China?

      "Mr. Science and Mr. Democracy" were terms used from 1910 to 1920 during the New Culture Movement to demand reform in China. In September 2012 The U.S. State D (MORE)

Why were the Romans civilised?

The Romans were civilised for many different reasons. These include:   They had sewers. These sewers were built to last and some, like in York, are still used today. Also, (MORE)

Why did civilisations originate on riverbanks?

The early human civilisations were usually developed along river banks. The most famous of these is Ancient Egypt, which started as a simple river settlement along the River N (MORE)

Were the Celts civilised or not?

There is a little bit of a misconception as to whether the Celts were civilized. Its often thought they were barbaric creatures who had no brains, when actually they were very (MORE)

Where Romans civilised?

In some ways, the Romans were civilised. They were civilised in their architecture and infrastructure. It can normally be argued that Romans were uncivilised when it came to G (MORE)

What are the contributions of China to civilisation?

China was the first to introduce a complete school system , made several contributions toward the study of mathematics , invented the seismograph and the compass and devel (MORE)

What is a civilisation?

It is the basic beliefs and pratices of the people that have not changed over the years. How to tell if you country is civilised or not look at the art and science of the cou (MORE)