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What is Application in the science fair?

an application is how you would apply your science fair in real life. for example lets say you just ate a chicken that was out in the rain for 8 days staight and it made you s (MORE)

Does computer science corporation drug test?

Yes. They drug test everyone who gets hired. If you are a  contractor, they will have you drug test before that. If they  deside to keep you, they drug test you and do the w (MORE)

What are the applications of science in daily life?

Pretty much anything you do has some science underlying it. For instance, the computer on which you asked this question, as well as the Internet, are products of science. Yo (MORE)
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What is are the uses and application of biological science?

Biological science have a lots of uses and application some of them are discussed as follows :- 1.The production of high nutritive value containing food which provides essen (MORE)

Sample application letter of computer science?

Name Street Address City, State, Zip Date: MM/DD/YYYY Dear Mr. _________, My training in computer sciences would enable me to solve Taylor's engineering problems, and I am (MORE)
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What are the applications of science and technology in your life?

There are other so many in daily life where your knowledge of science is applied directly: Applied Mathematics: * Using a calculator * Calculating a tip in a restaurant (MORE)