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What makes a scientific study scientific?

The word science comes from the Latin word scientia whichmeans knowledge . Science is a system of building uponexisting knowledge using testable predictions and explanation ( Full Answer )
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Scientific method scientific?

1 ask a question 2 do background research 3 construct an hypothesis 4 test your hypothesis by doing an experiment 5 analyse your data and draw a conclusion 6 communicate y ( Full Answer )
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What are the scientific method and scientific attitude?

Scientific Method 1)Know your problem 2)Gather facts about your problem 3)Formulate Hypothesis 4)Experiment 5)Observe & Interpret 6)Formulate generalization 7)Application ( Full Answer )
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What is a scientific theory and a scientific law?

scientific theory is something they believe and a law is something that always happens scientific law means a phenomenon of nature that has been proven to inveriable occur whe ( Full Answer )
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What is scientific observation and what are scientific variables?

When a trained scientist makes a careful observation of anything, that qualifies as a scientific observation. Scientific variables would be quantities of something, which coul ( Full Answer )
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Is scientific hypothesis is a scientific theory?

Strictly speaking, hypothesis is the step BEFORE a theory. A full sequence of scientific inquiry looks something like this: 1) Observation. Something is noticed; 2) Descriptio ( Full Answer )
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What are scientific and non-scientific questions?

Scientific questions are those that can reasonable expected to haveobjective (that is, reality based) answers. Non scientific ones arepersonal opinions.