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What does a scientist do?

What a Scientist Does  "Scientist" is a very broad term. There are many different jobs and fields of expertise here. The following page has some good information on the subj (MORE)

Who is a scientist?

some one that studys a sciance (phyisics,cemistre and bioligy) A person trying to find the truth.
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What scientist do?

Invent new ideas. Science, n. Investigation of natural phenomena. Engineering, n. Domestication of natural phenomena. Technology, n. Domesticated natural phenomena. You (MORE)

Who can be a scientist?

Anyone who can ask questions and find the answers. Not afraid that they are going against some in place barriers to the truth.  One who has good observation on the happenings (MORE)
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What do the scientists do?

I am no scientist but I think that they all get different answers and predictions and choose which they think is the best one.I may be wrong so search it on the internat.What (MORE)

Who can be scientists?

Anybody with sufficient intelligence can be a scientist by theapplying scientific method to answering questions about how theuniverse works.
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