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How do scintillation counters work?

A scintillation counter measures ionizing radiation. The sensor, called a scintillator, consists of a transparent crystal, usually phosphor, plastic (usually containing anthr (MORE)

How can you use scintillate in a sentence?

Scintillate is a verb which means sparkle and flash brightly; to give off or reflect light in sparks or flashes; be clever or witty; to be very lively, exciting, and entertain (MORE)

What is the difference between Geiger Muller counter and scintillation?

A Geiger-Muller (GM) detector works on the principle that the ionizing radiation interacts with a charged gas, knocks off an electron, and that electron cascades into more ele (MORE)

Construction and working of scintillation counter?

A scintillation counter is an instrument for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation. It consists of a scintillator which generates photons of light in response to inciden (MORE)

What is an example of a scintillating sentence?

Sentences with the word scintillating: "The annual ball was a scintillating collection of celebrities." "The necklace dazzled onlookers with its scintillating beauty." A (hope (MORE)

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What is the difference between fluorescence and scintillation?

Both are forms of luminescence that result from the absorption of energy from a particular source and then re-emit light during the de-excitation of the electrons within the m (MORE)