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What was the brides scold?

It was something used in the medieval times for women whogossiped or spoke too freely. It was used for punishment. It was a large iron framework placed on the head, forming a (MORE)
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How do you scold milk?

To scald milk, heat to just before boiling. To scold milk, you tell yell at it and say it is bad milk.
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Why does your wife scold you?

You should take time out for yourself and ask yourself what you are doing or not doing for your wife. Perhaps she has asked you to fix one or more things around the house and (MORE)

How do you scold your puppy?

The way to scold your puppy is to tap him on the nose and say bad dog and then the puppy's name for instance "Bad dog Rover" or something like that.

Why does your father scold you?

Generally, fathers scold children to teach them a lesson. Not in the mean, abusive way, but the life lessons, kinda way. But sometimes, very rearely though, the father will sc (MORE)

What rhymes with scolded?

broad-/round-/ shouldered folded molded moulded refolded remolded remoulded smoldered smouldered soldered unfolded or OL ending words followed by the word "did"
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