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How do you fight with a samurai sword?

Depends on the style you are using. Each style has different ways about killing your opponent. Here are a few examples: Aikido- The martial style has a sword section, emphasiz (MORE)

How to make a Samurai Sword?

Step 1/ Raw Materials/ The resource for metal was mainly steel scraps, nails and almost any scrap steel. Step 2/ Forging/ They start making it look like a sword by banding and (MORE)

Why did a samurai carry 2 swords?

  The traditional long-bladed Samurai sword is known as a Katana, it is known by its unmistakable appearance. It has a curved, slim, single edged blade, a circular or squa (MORE)
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What is the name of the samurai sword?

The sword is called a Katana. The katana originated in the Muromachi period (1392--1573) as a result of changing battle conditions requiring faster response times. The katana (MORE)

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