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How do you fight with a samurai sword?

Depends on the style you are using. Each style has different ways about killing your opponent. Here are a few examples: Aikido- The martial style has a sword section, emphasiz (MORE)

How to make a Samurai Sword?

Step 1/ Raw Materials/ The resource for metal was mainly steel scraps, nails and almost any scrap steel. Step 2/ Forging/ They start making it look like a sword by banding and (MORE)

Why did a samurai carry 2 swords?

  The traditional long-bladed Samurai sword is known as a Katana, it is known by its unmistakable appearance. It has a curved, slim, single edged blade, a circular or squa (MORE)
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What is the name of the samurai sword?

The sword is called a Katana. The katana originated in the Muromachi period (1392--1573) as a result of changing battle conditions requiring faster response times. The katana (MORE)

Why is the sword important to the samurai?

The Samurai sword came to symbolize the proud warrior tradition of the Japanese elite, serving them both in ancient times and into the modern during World War II. - You can fi (MORE)