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What is a hockey scoop?

Answer . it is when you scoop the puck up onto the blade of your stick, more of a trick-shot type thing.
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What is scooping?

To pick something up in an scooping motion ex. scooping icecream out of the bin or box
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What is a roof scoop?

roof scoops are used as an alternative to air conditioning unless you are using it more for show then they serve no purpose
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What is singing scooping?

Scooping is beginning a note beneath it's pitch, then sliding up to the correct pitch. It is commonly known as a bad habit or sloppiness, but in some cases it is the style of ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get the silph scoop?

You get the Silph SCOPE after defeating the Rocket guard in the Game Corner in Celadon, clicking on the poster, getting to the bottom floor of the basement, and beating Giovan ( Full Answer )
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What is an ice scoop?

a ice cream scoop is like a spoon but it is more curved in and it scoops out icr cream this is a picture of one
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What is a scoop botton?

a scoop bottum shirt is a shirt that has a low scoop neck.its just a low cut scooped neck for hoes.
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What is a scoop tram?

A piece of heavy equipment used primarily underground for moving loose rock ore etc.It is similar to a front end loader however has a much lower profile and articulates in the ( Full Answer )
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What does a bonnet scoop do?

allows more air into the engine and engine compartment. this allows for potentially more horsepower.
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What is scoop of audit?

Do you mean "scope of the audit"?? If so, the scope of the audit is the objective...what are you trying to verify? It could be a restricted scope in that you are looking at on ( Full Answer )