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What is a Scottish trill?

A Scottish trill is a way of speaking that is common in Scotland.It refers to the way that the letter R is rolled when they speak.

What do the Scottish think of Scottish Americans?

every year flocks of scottish Americans people come to Scotland , Edinburgh mainly. with no real ambition of finding there scottish roots but mainly because its the picture po (MORE)

Is Scotch Scottish?

Yes, scotch whiskey is whiskey made in Scotland. You will notice that although there is good whiskey made in other countries, Ireland for example, the bottle will say what kin (MORE)
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Are Pirates Scottish?

"Yes Blackbeard was Scottish...GET A LIFE" Captain Kidd was Scottish. Not Blackbeard. He was born in Bristol, England.

Where is the Scottish provident?

The, or rather, who is Scottish Provident is a company that pays out claims to people who are unemployed, homeless or effected by severe illness. They also have protection pla (MORE)

What are Scottish highlands?

It's the grassy hilly country side. Sort of like where they shot most the landscape shots in The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.