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What materials are needed for a scrapbook?

To get started with a scrapbook, you will need some basic items. The scrapbook album will be one of the first. You will also need adhesives, pages and page protectors, sticker (MORE)

Example of a scrapbook?

Wide topic... you can make a scrapbook of anything. For example, I am a nanny and every summer I make a scrapbook of all the fun things we did so the boy can show everyone at (MORE)

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is pictures of your life, friends, family, and memorable events, that you put into a book, with writing about that particular image, and little things like sticke (MORE)

Why do people do scrapbooking?

  People scrapbook for many different reasons. I scrapbook because it is a great way to preserve my pictures and I can journal about the picture in my scrapbook. ALso wh (MORE)

How popular is scrapbooking?

Very popular. more and more ppl are scrapbooking in the last 10 yrs. me and my friends look for an excuse to make big and mini scrapbooks. it is going to get even more popular (MORE)

How do you make a homemade scrapbook?

It would get some kind of borders or something to frame the  pictures, maybe some glitter, stickers and some colourful pens to  doodle and write little messages. You'll also (MORE)