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How do you sharpen a scraper?

There are several ways to sharpen scrapers, (card/cabinet) below are a few sites that can help, #1 is excellent for using a machine, #5 is excellent for sharpening a scra (MORE)
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What were scrapers used for?

Scrapers are used for scraping the dirt from horses hooves. My question is what was the scraper in the siksika (say sik-SEEK-a) time is used for. I know that the siksika's are (MORE)
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How do you do scraper foil?

Use the metal pen to scrape away the top layer. Scrape on top of the grey parts to turn them silver.

What is a skin scraper?

a magical item that when you try to clean it to shine a genie comes out and gives you 3 wishes ... it`s a skin scraper dude... something that scrapes of skin!!

What is a snowboard scraper?

A scraper is used to 'scrape' the wax off of a snowboard. After the wax has been applied to the board and has soaked into the board for a few minutes, the excess wax needs to (MORE)
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What is a scraper receiver do?

it recieves fuel gas through pipe and segregates its contents to gas and liquid.low density(gas) would go through vent to flare and high density(liquid) would go throgh draina (MORE)
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What does buko scraper do?

Buko is the Filipino name for a young coconut with soft, juicyflesh. A buko scraper makes it oh, so much easier to get the fruitout of the coconut shell so you can use it in r (MORE)
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What is scraper in baking?

There are several types of scrapers used in baking. Handled spatulas with flat blades made of rubber or plastic are probably most common. There are also half-moon shaped spatu (MORE)