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What is the sweat scraper used for?

  When a horse has been working hard and is very sweaty, cooling it down too fast can cause muscle aches, so a sweat scraper is used to remove the sweat from the horse's n (MORE)

What is the sweat scraper used for on horses?

  Well, they're used for wiping the sweat off of horses.   When the horse has been worked hard, ie running or jumping for some time, it becomes very sweaty. It may lite (MORE)

Crude oil scraper launcher?

After a prolonged service in a crude oil line wax deposits will be formed and reduce effective diameter for required flow .It is necessary to clean the long line effectively b (MORE)

What is a rubber scraper?

That is a kitchen tool, used to remove batter and other materials from bowls and dishes prior to washing. (Sometimes it is mistakenly called a "spatula".)
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What is the function of scraper in baking?

A bench scraper is good for handling particularly sticky doughs, for portioning them out, or for cleaning up excess dough and flour from your countertop after you are finishin (MORE)

How do you sharpen a scraper?

There are several ways to sharpen scrapers, (card/cabinet) below are a few sites that can help, #1 is excellent for using a machine, #5 is excellent for sharpening a scra (MORE)
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What is a scraper receiver do?

it recieves fuel gas through pipe and segregates its contents to gas and liquid.low density(gas) would go through vent to flare and high density(liquid) would go throgh draina (MORE)
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What does buko scraper do?

Buko is the Filipino name for a young coconut with soft, juicy  flesh. A buko scraper makes it oh, so much easier to get the fruit  out of the coconut shell so you can use i (MORE)