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Who invented the screwdriver?

There is no single inventor noted for the screwdriver. It was invented in Germany in the late fifteenth century. Strangely enough the screwdriver is obscure and not mentioned (MORE)

Where is a torx screwdriver?

I assume this means: "Where can I find a torx screwdriver". Torx is a screw, with a hole looking like a six pointed star, or the star of David. You can find a Torx screwdrive (MORE)

How do you magnatize a screwdriver?

There are a few ways . . . 1. Point the screwdriver north and south, then tap on it for a while with a hammer or other steel device. 2. Rub the screwdriver for its entire leng (MORE)

Is a screwdriver magnetic?

Some screwdrivers are magnetic. Therefore a bit more expensive. But some arent magnetic, so if you choose a screwdriver, I recommend a magnetic one (P.S Im a 12 year old kid t (MORE)

What does a screwdriver do in space?

Wherever it is, the screwdriver has one main use - for screwing or unscrewing screws that its blade fits into. -There are many different types of screwdriver but all have this (MORE)

What is torque screwdriver?

A torque screwdriver is designed to slip once the required pressure has been reached. The idea is that a screw will not be over-tightened and cause damage to the items being s (MORE)
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What are screwdrivers made out of?

Materials steel wire, plastic, nickel, and chromium are used to  produce screwdrivers. The steel wire is used to make the  screwdriver bar, plastic is used to make the handl (MORE)