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Is a screwdriver magnetic?

Some screwdrivers are magnetic. Therefore a bit more expensive. But some arent magnetic, so if you choose a screwdriver, I recommend a magnetic one (P.S Im a 12 year old kid t (MORE)
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What are screwdrivers made out of?

Materials steel wire, plastic, nickel, and chromium are used to  produce screwdrivers. The steel wire is used to make the  screwdriver bar, plastic is used to make the handl (MORE)

What is torque screwdriver?

A torque screwdriver is designed to slip once the required pressure has been reached. The idea is that a screw will not be over-tightened and cause damage to the items being s (MORE)

What is stubby screwdriver?

A stubby screwdriver is a screwdriver that is much smaller than the  average screwdriver. It is used to get into places not easy to  access with a regular screwdriver.

Why is a screwdriver a lever?

Well, a lever is a machine consisting of a bar that is free to move around a fixed point, changing the amount of force that must be exerted to move an object. A screwdriver ha (MORE)

What is the use of screwdriver?

Screwdriver: a tool for rotating screws, typically with a shank having a handle at one end and a blade at the other end, such blade adapted to fit into a slot or other opening (MORE)

How do you magnatize a screwdriver?

There are a few ways . . . 1. Point the screwdriver north and south, then tap on it for a while with a hammer or other steel device. 2. Rub the screwdriver for its entire leng (MORE)

Can you use a screwdriver to wire RJ45?

No - RJ45 plugs need to be crimped, RJ45 Sockets need the wires connecting using a punchdown tool which pushes the insulated wires between the contacts and often trims the sur (MORE)