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Who is the protagonist in Bartleby the Scrivener?

The narrator (the lawyer) would seem to be the protagonist, and Bartleby the literal antagonist.  But Bartleby could be considered the "anti-hero", as modern writers term an (MORE)
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Why don't you ask the teacher. The teacher will be able to tell you what you exactly needed to do and what is required.

How do you correct a scriveners error on a recorded deed?

You need to hire an attorney to review the problem and correct it. Deeds drafted by non-professionals often have errors that can be costly to correct if they can be corrected. (MORE)

What has the author Matthew Scrivener written?

Matthew Scrivener has written: 'A course of Divinity' -- subject(s): Church of England, Doctrines 'The method and means to a true spiritual life' -- subject(s): Early work (MORE)