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When why and what is a scroll?

A scroll is verry important to Jews because is like a book with one long page, which is un wound so that it can read In the Bah Mitzvah (a service where a 13 year old boy bec ( Full Answer )
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What are the Torah scrolls?

According to Jewish law, a sefer Torah (plural: Sifrei Torah) is a copy of the formal Hebrew text of the Five Books of Moses hand-written on gevil or qlaf (forms of parchment) ( Full Answer )
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How do you scroll with scroll bars only?

Well All you have to do is press the up and down buttons to scroll down. Very simple. you should have known that
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What is scroll lock?

Back in the days when there weren't any pictures on the computer screen, some programs used that key to allow you to "freeze" the screen for a time so that you had time to rea ( Full Answer )
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How do you scroll only with the scroll bar?

Click on the scroll bar with your mouse. You can click on the arrows at either end of the scroll bar. You also can click and drag the scroll indicator.
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What is the Hebrew scroll about?

There are many Hebrew scrolls. But you are talking about the Torah, it is the first five books of the Bible.
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How do you scroll on the Kindle?

(Note: I have the Kindle2, not K3) Technically there's no scroll on the Kindle. if you're visiting a large web page or reading a book in PDF format (and the page is larger ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the clue on the scroll?

there are some guides roaming around about how to do every puzzle that appears on the scrolls, if you need one... just attack men or something, cause u can get that and herbs ( Full Answer )
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What is the Torah scroll about?

The Torah scroll contains the text of the five books of the Torah, written in Hebrew with no pictures, drawings, decorations, vowels, musical notations, titles, puntuation, bo ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with a elder scroll?

You can sell it to the Librarian (Urag gro-Shub [Orc]) in the College of Winterhold for 2000 gold.