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What is strict scrutiny test?

Strict scrutiny test is a type of judicial review that is used inevaluating laws and certain government policies. This is thehighest and most stringent legal review in assessi ( Full Answer )
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Can you give a sentence for scrutiny?

He came under intense scrutiny when he applied for the position.Her scrutiny of the data was amazing.
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How do you use scrutiny in a sentence?

People in positions of trust, such as teacher, doctor, judge, or legislator, necessarily come under closer scrutiny to ensure they are doing their jobs correctly and honorab ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for scrutiny?

close examination, analysis, audit, exploration, inquiry, inspection, investigation, long hard look, perusal, review, scan, search, study, survey, view
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What is Strict-scrutiny test?

(1)such fundamental rights as the right to vote ,and right to travel in the US , / the 1st amendment rights, (2)suspect qualifications based on sex, race or national origin ( Full Answer )
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What is the test of strict scrutiny?

The government MUST prove a compelling state interest in a law, that the government used the least restrictive alternative, and that the law is narrowly-tailored to fit the co ( Full Answer )
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What is anxious scrutiny?

'Anxious scrutiny' is an established doctrine, which brings a 'hard-look approach' to cases. It is a rigorous examination, used in cases which relate to the most fundamental h ( Full Answer )
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How do you do ledger scrutiny?

Ledger Scruitny - Backbone of Statutory Audit Students who are not aware of the Basics of Audit can Go through the following Link: Auditing - A Beginners Guide S ( Full Answer )
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Who directed the short film Scrutiny?

There are four different people who have been credited for directing this short film. The main director's name is Jamie Sutor. The other co-directors names are Shalon Corrigan ( Full Answer )
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Strict scrutiny is?

the most rigorous test to which a legal classification can be put. . a test that very few laws will be able to pass.. usually used when laws concern grouping by race or et ( Full Answer )