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What is scrying?

Scrying is a form of divination commonly practiced by pagans. It is basically looking into a dark reflective object such as a crystal ball, scrying mirror, or a bowl of water. (MORE)

Where to get scrying crystals?

there are a lot of crystal collectors, sellers and buyers in Arizona and in Sedona, Arizona in particular. I would maybe start searching there.. Scrying crystals tend to be r (MORE)

Is scrying real?

It works for some. I was once skrying with some others and observed a small island in a bay. I was puzzled, when I noticed that the island was getting larger. A few moments la (MORE)
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How do you scry off of charmed?

Scry? Scrying doesn't work but if you wish to just mess around then get a map of the city, outerspace, planet, ect. a crystal, a string for the crystal, and something of someo (MORE)
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Is it scry riding an airplane?

Not really but for some people taking off and landing can. But remember flying is the safest form of transport. It is way safer than traveling in a car.

What actors and actresses appeared in Scryed - 2001?

The cast of Scryed - 2001 includes: Eddie Brumbaugh as Biff Kun Richard Cansino as Emergy Maxfell Carrie Daniels as Kanami Yuta Crispin Freeman as Straight Couger Tetsuya Iwan (MORE)
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What is spurt scrying?

Spurt scrying is a vernacular term for the practice of semenancy -the use of semen in magical or divinatory rituals.