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Can you use an ultra160 SCSI drive with a ultra320 SCSI controller?

  Yes you can. They will work fine. These statements "they are not designed to do this and would not do it well" WRONG and "Performance would be terrible and the drives (MORE)

What is a SCSI ID?

  SCSI - Small Computer System InterfaceSCSI is an industry standard system interface, which allows multiple peripheral devices to be installed on the system. The number o (MORE)

What is a scsi interface?

It stands for, "small computer  system interface." Commonly  referred to as "Scuzzy" It was (and is) the old school method and  platform for connecting hardware to a comput (MORE)

What is the difference between SCSI and iSCSI?

ISCSI is a protocol that helps remote access of data over the internet. It can be called the link between two data hubs in varied locations. Internet SCSI is business oriented (MORE)

What is a SCSI port?

  SCSI or Small Computer System Interface is a set of standards for connecting computers and peripheral devices for data transfer. SCSI is commonly used for hard disks and (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SCSI?

Advantages     Faster performance than SATA or IDE  Multiple devices can be daisy-chained together on a single controller (up to 16)   Disadvantages     SC (MORE)

A SCSI port is?

SCSI, pronounced as scuzzy, stands for Small Computer System  Interface. An SCSI port is used to attach peripheral devices that  use the SCSI system , mainly for data transf (MORE)

Who invented scsi?

The Small Computer System Interface or SCSI was invented by Volker  Herminghaus and Albrecht Scriba over the course of several years in  the 1980s. It was and still is a fas (MORE)

How many partitions does SCSI support?

SCSI does not care about partitions. This is only the protocol used to interface with the harddisk. There is probably a practical limit to the possible number of partitions o (MORE)