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What is a SCSI ID?

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface SCSI is an industry standard system interface, which allows multiple peripheral devices to be installed on the system. The number of de (MORE)
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What is a SCSI port?

SCSI or Small Computer System Interface is a set of standards for connecting computers and peripheral devices for data transfer. SCSI is commonly used for hard disks and tape (MORE)
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A SCSI port is?

SCSI, pronounced as scuzzy, stands for Small Computer SystemInterface. An SCSI port is used to attach peripheral devices thatuse the SCSI system , mainly for data transfer.
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What does SCSI stand for?

SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface. It is a set of standards used by computer engineers to physically connect and transfer data between computers and other device (MORE)
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What is the purpose of SCSI?

It connects eternal device, connects power supply to analyze data. -Small computer system interface. -for peripheral devices connectivity (8 devices (0-7)) -Internal and (MORE)
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Who invented scsi?

The Small Computer System Interface or SCSI was invented by VolkerHerminghaus and Albrecht Scriba over the course of several years inthe 1980s. It was and still is a faster bu (MORE)
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What is meant by scsi?

scsi stands for small computer system interface and is used for disk drives and other computer devices
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What is scsi harddisk?

\nSmall Computer System Interface, or SCSI is a set of standards for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral devices. The SCSI standards d (MORE)
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What is SCSI devices?

small computer system interface are set of advance method of connecting peripheral devices and computer manually. Sometimes used for hard disks, printer, scanner and so on
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