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What is sculpture?

Sculpture is a three dimensional art form. The medium for sculpture is varied including paper, clays, junk, stone, wood and any other object that can be made into an artistic ( Full Answer )
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What is a sculpture?

A sculpture is a three-dimensional form made from clay, stone, metal, and other material. Sculptures can be large or small and some are realistic. . to sculpture something
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What is a relief sculpture?

Relief structures are sculptures that have a two-dimensionalbackground and project in varying degrees from this background.This type of sculpture appears to have raised materi ( Full Answer )
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What are sculptures?

Sculptures are three dimensional objects that are a form of art. They can be stationary or mobile. They can move with the wind or mechanics. Sculptures can be large or very ti ( Full Answer )
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Who sculptured the Honours of Scotland sculpture?

Graham Stewart was awarded the commission to sculpt the Honors ofScotland sculpture after a design contest. The sculpture is anabstract design based on the three Honors of Sco ( Full Answer )
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How can you identify that a sculpture is a romantic sculpture?

Check the dating on the sculpture. Is it dated back in the romance period? Most sculptures dating back to the Romance Period came from Italy, Frace, Spain, and England. Check ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have sculptures?

fur decoration sculpture tend to serve religious purposes in our lives - representing our object of belief
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What is relief sculptures?

an image or design that has been raised from or carved into a flat background .
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What is assemblage sculpture?

An 'assemlage sculpture' is art formed by ordinary items to create a whole different composition.
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What is an Alebrije sculpture?

It is a very creative would carving created by Hispanic people. They are usually very exotic and very colorfully painted. The world Alebrije means jumbled, confused, fantastic ( Full Answer )