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Did Georgia O'Keeffe do any sculptures?

Georgia O'Keeffe did create at least two sculptures that are documented. In 1916 she created an untitled scupture simply referenced as "Abstraction". It was a plaster cast tha (MORE)
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What materials can be used for sculpturing?

When making s sculpture it is best to use materials that are pliable and are able to set into a firm substance. Clay is a popular main ingredient for sculptures because it set (MORE)

What is environment?

The definition of environment is the influences and resources in  a system.   The environment is your surroundings, your house, your garden, your  town, your shops, the (MORE)

What is a relief sculpture?

Relief structures are sculptures that have a two-dimensional  background and project in varying degrees from this background.  This type of sculpture appears to have raised (MORE)

What is Canon as pertain to Egyptian sculpture?

A canon is a set of rules regarding pose, proportions, thickness of line, colours, style of dress and so on; it applies equally to drawings as well as carvings and sculpture. (MORE)

What is sculptural composition?

  Composition is how the forms that make up the sculpture are arranged in space. It is the result of the choices the artist has made to place a hand here or a leg there. L (MORE)

What does the Titirangi Roundabout Sculpture mean?

  I found this on the Waitakere City council website   Roundabout Sculpture   This is one of the Waitakere's distinctive landmarks and is perhaps one of our more (MORE)