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What is scurvy?

Scurvy is a disease caused by a Vitamin C deficiency. It was common among early sailing ship crews who did not have a source of Vitamin C in their diets during long voyages. (MORE)

What are the scurvy symptoms?

Some symptoms of scurvy are: bleeding gums, feeling weak, loss of teeth, loss of hair, also scars and tissues. All these symptoms are a sign of scurvy.   Scurvy is life-thr (MORE)
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Why do you get scurvy?

It's a deficiency in vitamin C, which normally comes from citrus fruits or cabbages. Only a relatively small amount is required to prevent the disease. Lack of vitamin C histo (MORE)
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What does scurvy do to you?

It's basically a gum disease pirates used to get. It's like a gum disease where your teeth fall of. They would put lemons or limes in their mouth because it would heal it and (MORE)
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Can you get scurvy?

You can get scurvy if you do not get enough vitamin C. This can be prevented by eating different citrus fruits or taking a daily multivitamin. In fact, the only creatures on e (MORE)
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Who can get scurvy?

anyone who does not have enough vitamin c, you get it from not eating enough fruit mostly. That is why pirates got is so often, because they very rarely could obtain enough fr (MORE)
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Why is scurvy called scurvy?

The Latin word for ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) was scorbutus. Apparently the word scurvy was derived from this term.
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