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What is Scylla?

Great Detailing, but you missed two thing: Scylla does NOT havea cat's tail, and she does NOT have more than six wolf heads on herwaist. Her heads are six ugly woman faces wit ( Full Answer )
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Who is Scylla in The Odyssey?

Scylla: sea monster of gray rock Scylla was a six-headed monster in The Odyssey . She lived on a promontory and would eat six men (one for every head) from all the ships that ( Full Answer )
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How did scylla die?

Heracles is said to have killed her, because she had stolen some of the oxen of Geryon; but Phorcys is said to have restored her to life.
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Is scylla a country?

Scylla is not a country, but a mythical sea monster with 6 heads. Opposite it is Charybdis
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What does scylla represent?

Scylla, like most sea-related monsters, represented the dangers of the sea. In this case, the passage between Sicily and Italy, which was particularly treacherous.
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Who is scylla in mythology?

Scylla was an evil sea monster that would attack sailors on their ships as they passed by. A sorceress named Circe turned Scylla, who was a nymph, into a horrible sea monster ( Full Answer )
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Is scylla real?

No, Scylla is not real. Scylla is a mythological demon in the Odyssey who was once a beautiful naiad, (sea nymph) and Poseidon was attracted to her and so Poseidon's wife foun ( Full Answer )
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What was the epithet for scylla?

"hermit-crab" (Greek skyllaros ) "dog" and "dog-shark" ( skylax ) "to rend" ( skyllô ).
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What does Scylla do to ships?

Scylla is the name of a small channel opposite the great whirlpool Charbydis. It's purpose is trap and destroy sailors attempting to avoid the whirlpool. Reported by several ( Full Answer )
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Is scylla a hydra?

i think scylla is not a hydra because in mythology it never points out that if you chop off her head it grows back. Plus there are theories that scylla was once a beutiful gil ( Full Answer )