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What is SDTV?

Answer . SDTV stands for Standard Definition Television.. It refers to TV that isn't HDTV (High-Definition Television).. In the US, SDTV is 525 line with NTSC color encod (MORE)

Do HD channels show on SDTV?

Answer . Generally not. The signal is of a different type but you can get a set top box converter to downgrade the signal to SDTV levels. They're costly (Around $200, give (MORE)
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What is the aspect ratio of the image on SDTV?

Typically, it is 4:3. As an example: 26" across the screen and 19.5" down. If you divide 19.5 by 3 you get 6.5; then, if you divide 26 by 6.5, you get 4. So, dividing both 26 (MORE)

Does the ps3 with games that only support 720p look better on an sdtv or and old HDTV that only supports 1080i resolution?

PS3 looks better with the best HDTV and Connection available, but will look better on a HDTV with only the provided A/V 480i standard connection because it is a better TV. Qui (MORE)