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What weaknesses do serpents have?

The cold makes them lethargic, and they have no legs! Because meals are few and far between, they tend to eat a lot at once. They are well-known to be unable to resist a naiv (MORE)

WHY is the tempter a serpent?

Snakes are always seen with negative connotations. They are seen as sneaky--they do slither and that can catch people and animals off guard. That might be partly why the tempt (MORE)

Why was the serpent used to deceive Eve?

A: Like the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the serpent was a common motif in many ancient Near Eastern religions. It demonstrates the fear and awe felt for snakes, an (MORE)

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Why is Mother Mary stepping on the serpent?

Mother Mary is pictured stepping on a serpent because in Genesis it was the serpent that tricked Adam and Eve into eating of the forbidden fruit. For a complete understanding (MORE)