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What weaknesses do serpents have?

The cold makes them lethargic, and they have no legs! Because meals are few and far between, they tend to eat a lot at once. They are well-known to be unable to resist a naiv (MORE)

WHY is the tempter a serpent?

Snakes are always seen with negative connotations. They are seen as sneaky--they do slither and that can catch people and animals off guard. That might be partly why the tempt (MORE)

Why was the serpent used to deceive Eve?

A: Like the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the serpent was a common motif in many ancient Near Eastern religions. It demonstrates the fear and awe felt for snakes, an (MORE)

Why is Mother Mary stepping on the serpent?

Mother Mary is pictured stepping on a serpent because in Genesis it was the serpent that tricked Adam and Eve into eating of the forbidden fruit. For a complete understanding (MORE)