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What qualities did seabiscuit have?

  Seabiscuit was more like a fairy tale in the racing horse world. "Rags to riches" would fit him. he went from a horse that no one wanted to a horse that everyone put the (MORE)

Where did Seabiscuit race?

Seabiscuit had a long career and had more starts in his maiden year than most Thoroughbreds run in an entire career. In 89 starts The Biscuit travelled extensively from the Pa (MORE)

How did Seabiscuit die?

  Seabiscuit the racing legend died at the age of 14 some time after midnight. It is said that his heart burst and caused internal bleeding. So basically he had a heart at (MORE)

What color was Seabiscuit?

Seabiscuit was a bay with dark points and no white markings. A bay horse is brown with black mane and tail, sometimes with darker areas on the nose, ears, and legs. Bay colo (MORE)
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How many movies are there about seabiscuit?

I believe there are three. A 1939 documentary, a 1941 fictionalized MGM feature starring Shirley Temple and the 2003 blockbuster based on Laura Hillenbrand's bestseller.
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What genre is Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand?

In book form is would be non-fiction, biography, and historical. In movie form it would be an historical biography based on a non-fiction book.
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