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What qualities did seabiscuit have?

  Seabiscuit was more like a fairy tale in the racing horse world. "Rags to riches" would fit him. he went from a horse that no one wanted to a horse that everyone put the (MORE)

When did seabiscuit die?

1947 and he died because of a heart attack he was a very good legend and always will be .........
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Where did Seabiscuit race?

Seabiscuit had a long career and had more starts in his maiden year than most Thoroughbreds run in an entire career. In 89 starts The Biscuit travelled extensively from the Pa (MORE)

How many hands was Seabiscuit?

I believe the Jockey Club, which is the American registry for Thoroughbreds, lists Seabiscuit's official height as 15.2HH. His height was diminished in the movie to portray th (MORE)

How did Seabiscuit the horse die?

The official cause of death was heart failure. Some believe his heart was damaged from his rapid acceleration to the finish line in so many races. That's not a fact, just a th (MORE)
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Why did Laura Hillenbrand write Seabiscuit?

According to Hillenbrand herself, she was looking through some racing material in 1996 and more or less stumbled over Seabiscuit. She felt his story needed to be told and we a (MORE)

What color was Seabiscuit?

Seabiscuit was a bay with dark points and no white markings. A bay horse is brown with black mane and tail, sometimes with darker areas on the nose, ears, and legs. Bay colo (MORE)
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Is Secretariat related to Seabiscuit?

They were. Through a horse named Fair Play, sire to Man-O-War, grandsire to Seabiscuit. This is very common in horse pedigrees to see similar bloodlines. With the creation of (MORE)
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Why Seabiscuit did not run the Triple Crown?

The Kentucky Derby, the first race of the Triple Crown is just for 3 year olds. At the time that Seabiscuit was a 3 year old he was disappointing his trainers which would even (MORE)
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What is Seabiscuits family tree?

Seabiscuit b. 1933 d. 1947 Seabiscuit's sire:Hard Tack Seabiscuit's dam:Swing On Hard Tack's sire:Man-O-War Hard Tack's dam:Tea Biscuit Swing On's sire:Whisk Broom II Swing On (MORE)